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Your scholarship funds have been sent to the college you specified on your
Educational Information Form as of July 31, 2018.  If you have any questions
regarding your funds, please check with your college's financial aid department.
The Vashon Community Scholarship Foundation was established in 1986 by a
group of parents and other community members. It was formed to solicit and
coordinate financial support from the community for graduating seniors who
wished to continue their education and training.  Since then, VCSF has
distributed more than $2.0 million in scholarships.
Celebrating Thirty
Years of Giving
Who Are We?
VCFS helps seniors realize their strengths, focus their abilities, and plan for
their future. These scholarships celebrate achievement, empower students,
and facilitate community support of continuing education.
2018 Graduates
2019 Seniors
Celebrating Thirty Years of Giving