Vashon Community Scholarship Foundation
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Celebrating Thirty
Years of Giving
2018 Graduates
All scholarship monies are sent to the College and address that you indicated
on your "Education Information" form. This form is turned in with your 'Thank You
Notes' post-ceremony. It is up to you to verify with your college if your
scholarship monies have been credited to your student account.
It is the student's responsibility to notify VCSF of any changes to this
information or to their plans. It is also up to the student to notify their original
college of choice to return their scholarship funds to VCSF. Your scholarship
monies are available until 2 years after your graduation date from Vashon
Island School District.
Be aware that It takes time for the colleges to get monies returned to VCSF
and then the monies must be sent on to the next college and that college must
credit the student's account. While VCSF tries to accomplish this process
quickly, students must allow up to 2 months for everything to complete.
Celebrating Thirty Years of Giving