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Vashon Community Scholarship Foundation
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Celebrating Thirty
Years of Giving
Forms Due January 14th 2019
Student Information
Celebrating Thirty Years of Giving
What is the Vashon Community Scholarship Foundation?
The Vashon Community Scholarship Foundation was established in 1986 by a
group of parents and other community members to solicit and coordinate
financial support for Vashon School District graduating seniors who wished to
continue their education and training.  Since then, VCSF has distributed more
than $2 million in scholarships. To be eligible for this financial support in the
form of scholarship awards, Vashon School District seniors must complete a
scholarship notebook and earn a Vashon Island School District diploma.  
Vashon Community Scholarship Foundation is an entirely separate
organization from the Vashon School Foundation, which raises money to
supplement school programs K-12.
What is the Scholarship Notebook?
The Scholarship Notebook is your official application for a scholarship and is
compiled by you according to the standardized format explained in this guide.
The notebook provides the Selection Panel and donors the means by which to
select award recipients. The notebook includes a personal resume, a personal
essay, a transcript, recommendations, work experiences, interests, hobbies
and future plans.
Should I submit a Scholarship Notebook?
Every VISD senior interested in continuing his/her education or training
beyond high school, whether at a university, community college, or a
vocational/technical school, should make a notebook. There are many people
and organizations willing to provide scholarships so that students can
achieve their goals.  Local scholarships are based on many different criteria,
such as scholastic achievement, work experience, future goals, or school and
community activities and interests.  Candidates are eligible regardless of
financial need.  If your post-high school education plans are uncertain or may
be delayed due to military service, travel, work, etc. VCSF will hold your
scholarships for a maximum of 2 years. If the scholarships are unclaimed at
the end of this period, the funds revert to the VCSF general fund.
What is the selection process?
Non-profit organizations and memorial donors are eligible to select their
scholarship's recipient by studying the scholarship notebooks. The remaining
scholarships are awarded by the Community Selection Panel, an unbiased
group of members of the Vashon community, usually including a VHS staff
member. The criteria for the majority of contributors are given to the Selection
Panel, who finds the student who best matches the contributor’s stated
Expressing your appreciation to the contributors
When you receive an award, you have an obligation to make a follow up
contact with the contributor in the form of a written thank-you note.  A simple
but sincere note means a lot to the person or group who chose you for their
award.  This thank-you note must be turned in at the VHS office (in the VCSF
designated box), in an addressed stamped envelope within one week of the
scholarship ceremony.  Expressing your appreciation is important as a
reflection of you and as a way to promote positive feelings in the community,
ensuring the continuation of the scholarship.